Thursday, November 22, 2012

Birthday Copics...

On Tuesday it was my birthday! I got totally spoilt with some great presents. But the day in general was pretty rubbish. I got severe back pain on the sides of my back. After getting medical advice there was a worry that it could be kidney related and I needed to see the doctor THAT day. Oh fun! So I spent most of the day on the phone to various places and waiting at the doctor's. That and being in pain. Good news? Turns out they think kidneys are ok and it's nothing acute. Backs can be "funny things" the doctor said. Bad news is that I was sent home with a load of pain killers that doesn't really seem to help and here I am 2 days later hurting just as much...

Oh well... Let's get onto something fun instead. Like... Let me think... Copics?! Yes I love Copic markers and on my birthday two big parcels with Copics arrived.This is the first lot...

The fluorescent shades which I have been sooo close to getting many times but never have done. I have always prioritised something a bit more "sensible", like some more very useful E-shades or something. But they are finally mine and just looking at the colours make me so, so happy! :)

Some more greys. I have been lacking in this department so they are a few to compliment the greys I already had. Plus some blues and I l-o-v-e the BG shades. Yum!

Then, because I always tend to buy/wish for greens, one has to sometimes think it IS useful to have some other colours too so a bit of red and yellow etc.

And finally this photo of all of them just because... Well, just because it makes me so happy to see them all in one fun colour mix :)

I'm off to take some photos of the second batch of Copic (yes I got TWO parcels, lucky me!) and will get back with them very soon. Probably tomorrow. See you then :)

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