Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Happy Copic Edition...

I have not bought any new Copics in... well, I think over a year. So I was very, very excited to get a new Copic order in the post... :)))

It's the 12 "new" colours for 2012. I say "new" as they are not really new anymore, but new to me and new to the Copic colour selection since this year. I also got a few others to go with that. I especially noticed that I was a little low on the blues (compared to other colour families) so I made sure I added a few more of those.

I said in my last post that I had just printed a new colour chart (my old one was years old -2009- and missing boxes for more recently released colours from 3 years) and here it is finished with my new shades added.

Ayesha, you asked how many colours I have at the moment. The honest truth? I had NO idea, literally not even a guess. Seriously! So I started counting on my new chart and, unless I went wrong somewhere, I got it to be 207 (inc my new ones). I have collected these for several years now, and like all Copic lovers, my dream is to one day have the complete colour set. Will that ever happen...who knows?! In the meantime I'm very, very happy with the colours I do have and I enjoy them a lot :)

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