Monday, June 18, 2012

The Scarf...

Thanks Sharon for the comment on my last post and for wondering how the scarf is going. I'm making progress :) I'm not knitting every day or anything so I expect I won't have it finished too soon, but even if you only sit down for a short while you do notice that it's getting longer :) I have probably done about 60-70 centimetres at the moment (guessing).

Above is a photo of my work in progress. I picked the loom parts I needed to do the width (of the scarf) that I wanted and assembled it. It was really easy to start and I found some very helpful videos on Youtube too (not that it was really needed as such).

I'm using a quite varied yarn. I've had it for ages! It varies both in looks (colour and shimmer) and in texture (more thick and fluffy or more thin and wispy). And it's so soft and cosy!! Above you can see the "front side" of the scarf. I could have made both sides look the same by doing knit stitch in one direction and purl stitch in the other...

...but since I'm brand new to this I wanted to learn one step at a time and really get used to it, I'm doing only knit stitches. This means that the backside gets a different look (see above), more of a stripy effect. I like it :)

This is very much fun so far :)

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