Thursday, June 07, 2012

Greek Basil?...

Strange thing to blog about and maybe even more strange to scrap about... But this is the story...

 [Supplies: Almost Summer Chevies - Amy Martin, Perfectly Imprefect Alpha - Tickled Pink Studio, All Stacked Up Clusters Vol 14 - Captivated Visions, All Stacked Up Backgrounds Vol 6 - Captivated Visions, Sketch Pad Papers - Sahlin Studio (all from The Lilypad)]

We needed some fresh basil for a recipe the other week and decided to buy a pot at the supermarket. As we got there - typically - they were out of basil plants. What to do? Then I spotted something called Greek Basil. I've never seen this before and it looked so pretty and neat. A pretty decent size plant too it was. So we decided to try that.

Now, a few weeks later, it's grown a LOT and looks super pretty. I find normal Basil plants can sometimes run away with you a bit and get rather tall but they kinda fall out sideways and don't always look so nice after a while. This Greek Basil seems super happy and has now doubled in size. I'm hoping it will stay happy for a long time as I'm not sure how easy they are to buy since I'd not seen it before at the supermarket.

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