Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Christmas Album | Day 28...

Before going onto my Christmas album I just have to mention my new iPad. It arrived on schedule, before lunchtime, on Friday. I spent the day doing a restore from my old iPad as I had a lot of info on that which I wanted transferred to my new iPad. And now that I have had the time to play with it for a few days... Well ---> I'm in love!! :)

It's... amazing! The screen is fantastic! It's all good and well hearing facts and figures showing that something is indeed much improved, but when you can actually SEE it - that is great! The speed is a huge improvement from my old iPad 1 too. Love to have a camera etc. I'm so glad that I upgraded. :)

28th of December. Not a lot happened on this day. Or rather, the truth is that I have no idea what happened on this day. I woke up with the worst upset stomach! Within an hour I was so weak I could hardly stand on my very shaky legs... and I spent most of that day sleeping it away...!

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