Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Album 2011 | Day 10...

First thanks for all the sweet comments left on my post, and e-mails, about me being ill. I have really appreciated them. I have felt really bad that I have virtually left my blog without posts for nearly 2 weeks. :( I'm still not feeling 100% cold or stomach wise and I saw the doctor again yesterday but, *touch wood*, I am slowly getting better. So I figured that I'd at least get a small blog post done in between resting :) Yay!

So here we go, day 10 of my Christmas journal. And yes I have an awful lot of catching up to do regarding this but more on this and my plans about it another day...

This was the back of that felt page which I had a bit of a glue situation with at first. I don't normally work with felt and it took some time to find the right glue to work with paper AND felt.

This page is all about lights and a mini Christmas tree that we have in our bedroom window (at Christmas obviously, which it isn't anymore LOL!) The little smoke spiral coming out of the house is actually a tiny bit of a Doodlebug sticker border which I just happened to spot as I was working on this page and thought it would make some cool chimney smoke :)

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