Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Album 2011 | Day 1...

So it was the first day of my Christmas album for 2011 and I was really excited! On top of that I had the perfect photos to start it off with. The photos I took at the Christmas market we went to :)

There wasn't a specific photo that really stood out for me. So rather than printing one big photo, I decided to print lots of small ones to try and capture the general cosy feeling of Christmas. This makes me so happy. Twinkling lights make me very happy! :)

Apart from that I have not used very much on the page. All "old" stash. A journaling card from last year, a printable from last year and some snowflake embellishments.

Right I'm off to make Christmas cards :)

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Dawn said...

Love your photos, we live in Manchester and visited the market with my parents the 1st weekend, we're going back again as a family later this month to buy a special bauble for the tree, it's something we've done regularly since I met my husband! Now we've got sons they get to choose one each!