Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Birthday Card...

It's my little niece's birthday very soon. Ever since she was a baby (she's now turning 4) she's had this rabbit that's been her favourite toy and comfort without fail. She loves her rabbit!

So when I spotted a rabbit stamp a few months ago I knew it would be prefect to use on a card for her as it looks so much like her soft toy rabbit. :)

I had fun trying to match my Copics to the colour (in my head) of her rabbit. And I really enjoyed having a play with the Martha Stewart Fridge Scissors. I can see a lot of fun projects being done with these.

My niece is very "girly" at the moment and loves anything pink and/or glittery. So pink colour and glittery Stickles of course had to feature on the card too :)

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fatmonica said...

It's lovely-so cute and I love the grass!