Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wishing I Had A Scor-Pal...

Well I kinda do have one... Or I do... But I need one! Let me explain my dilemma :)

Basically I SO want the new Scor-Pal (the one with more lines) but I don't know if (a) I can justify the cost when I have the original one and (b) if I can even buy it in the UK yet... (it's so unclear whether it's the new one or not in online shops)

(original Scor-Pal)

The Scor-Pal above is the one I have. And I love it! I use it every time I make a card without fail. But I want more score lines. So a while back (last year?) I got the Martha Stewart score board. It's got loads of lines plus a cool envelope making tool also. But no matter how much I try to get used to this one I really can't. I find it jumps out of the score lines. It's very hard to stay in the tracks. Which of course messes up your card stock. I've even tried different scoring tools. But they still jump (any tips anyone?). :(

(new Scor-Pal) I discover that there is a NEW Scor-Pal! With MORE scoring lines! Yay! I'm thinking since I like the original so much (and it never skips out of the tracks when you score - unlike the one by Martha) I'd really, really, really like this. I'm guessing the chances are that this one will be as great to score with as the original one...!

But can I justify such a purchase to get some more lines...? I sooooo want it! I don't know what to do. And I'd love to get the Scor-Mat (which I never had with my original one) too. So that adds another cost.

Dilemmas. Dilemma. What would you do...?


Elizabeth said...

Not trying to make your decision more difficult, but you should look at the Stampin' Up scoring board. Not only does it have lots of lines, it also has little markers that you can place where you want them across the top to mark the places you want to score. Really great when you have many cards to score at the same dimensions. Also, my experience has been that Stampin' Up stuff is pretty good quality so hopefully it wouldn't jump the lines. I bought the Martha Stewart one about 2 weeks before Stampin' Up came out with theirs and was really disappointed. I have also found problems with the Martha Stewart one jumping lines.

Diana Crick said...

Hi, The same company makes the SU board as the Martha Stewart board so you are going to encounter the same problems. it is cheaply made. The ribs from the back ghost through to the front and can cause hesitation in the groove when you score. This is because it was poorly made. I can offer you a discount for the new Scor-Pal as I would like you to have the BEST. Just e-mail me at