Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trick Or Treat...

I've been working with a very fun new Halloween kit by Kate Hadfield and Kaye Winiecki at the Lilypad... Love cute Halloween kits :)

Anyway, I got the kit and I usually make layouts for my Creative Team work. But since we don't really celebrate Halloween as such I don't really have any Halloween photos... Well, maybe only the odd pumpkin or something...

So what to do? Then I thought it was a looooong time since I did some hybrid cards (I've kinda gone off them a bit, only due to the ink cost though). But I love them. :) And I love making cute Halloween cards. So I thought, why not...?

Below is my first card using the kit:

[Supplies: Oogly Boogly - Kate Hadfield, Kaye Winiecki (from The Lilypad)]

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fatmonica said...

It's a great card!