Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes Indeed...

Following on from this post the other day, and my love for the Penny Black cat (and indeed hedgehog!) stamps I had the following comment/question left by Kat:

"I LOVE Margaret Sherry's cats as well!! :) Lovely stamps, got several of her Cross Stitch patterns, too. :) And the hedgehogs are fab, too. Do you know if they have anything new out this year for Christmas?"

Yes they do indeed :) *big smiles*

First of all they have this one (below) which I bought a few weeks ago. Totally adore the cat hanging in the wreath LOL! :)

This also have this one (again please see below) for Christmas 2011. I have not got this one (yet!?!). I so love the cat with the presents in the bottom corner!! But that's the only cat, which is a shame. So I don't know what to do. But I'm planning another stash order, maybe even later today, so I'm thinking it's a huge possibility that this might go in my cart:
And then we come to the problem, for me. Halloween stamps. This I believe is a new set for 2011 (yet again, see below please). I always want to get the Halloween cat/hedgehog sets by Penny Black but never do. I stick to Christmas and Valentine's.

Reason? We don't really celebrate Halloween here, neither do we have the need to send any cards.

Problem? I LOVE making Halloween cards and these stamp sets really appeal to me! I struggle every year to resist them.

Can I resist this year...? I don't know...!?! We'll see...

Hope this was of some help Kat :)

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Kat said...

They're fab!! Thanks for that, Anso!! :)