Saturday, September 03, 2011

Squirrelling Away...

I mentioned on Thursday that I was VERY tired. Why? Well for the last... soon 2 weeks I guess, I have had the most terrible neck/shoulder cramps and pains. Really bad, like agony to even try and brush my own hair or tie my shoes!

On Wednesday I gave up and went to the doctor as it just got worse and worse. Result? I got some really strong pain killers. But I also got some powerful muscle relaxing medicine to try and stop the cramps (the cramps are ultimately what causes all the pain in between the cramp attacks). And muscle relaxing... well it kinda relaxes the whole of me (not allowed to drive!!) and I'm feeling very tired/drowsy LOL! So I pretty much feel like doing nothing... I'd rather curl up with a book that trying to sit at my desk getting some crafting done LOL!

Anyway, crafting IS still being done (though sleeeeepily!) and I have just been working with a cute autumn kit by Kay Miller to make this layout...

[Supplies: Autumn Moments - Kay Miller, Pieces Of My Heart 9 - Kay Miller (both from A5D)]

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