Monday, May 09, 2011

By The Sea...

I've been working with yet another great release by Kay Miller called "By The Sea"...

I just love Kay's cute designs. Especially any little animals :) And this really is the prefect summer kit. It's available here if you, like me, can't resist it :)

As I said, I love the animals that Kay creates and normally always go for these straight away. For once I made an exception and created using only the other bits. In this case lots of palm trees (very appropriate for my photos!) and flowers. But those cute little fishes etc will definitely be used another time...!

[Supplies: By The Sea - Kay Miller, Studio Flergs (from A5D), Grow With Love Letters Edition May - Sara Gleason, Lookie Here - CD Muckosky (from the Lilypad)]

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S. said...

Hey there. I've been looking through your blog and I really love your designs. I was just wondering if you had any tips for beginning scrapbookers. My teacher introduced me to scrapbooking of a sort - I started scrapbooking with notebook designs. I'm really excited to try a full layout but I'm not sure what to do... yeah, it'd be great if you could share a few tips.

Take care and thanks. <3