Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Flowers...

I had a question last week on my blog... Sorry it's taken me some time to reply. I'm still recovering from tonsilitis. I kinda pushed myself too far on Tenerife, taking lots of medication & trying to take part in as much as I could, even though I really should have been resting in bed to get well quicker. Oh well, it was worth it even though I'm still tired and coughing!

Anyway onto the question which was about "how did I make the flowers for this layout?"...

...and the answer is ---> I didn't. I agree that the flowers are amazing but it's a completely digital layout and the flowers are therefore digital. But great, eh?

This is the kit that the flowers are from:

The kit is called Spring Breeze Elements and it's by Amber Clegg. You can buy it here at the Lilypad. Hope that helps :)

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