Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Angry Birds Card...

I find male birthday cards SO hard to make! I mean, it's no problem if it's for little boys, but any older than that and what do you do?!? So tricky to think of what to put on a card!

Anyway, it's my Dad's birthday soon and I started to think about this a while ago (especially since I know I struggle to make male cards)... But I was stuck. As usual LOL! Until I thought about how he likes to play Angry Birds and could I maybe do a card featuring Angry Birds...? Oh yes! I drew the birds in black and then used my Copic markers to colour in the birds. I'm sure it will make him smile :)

(Note: "Grattis" = "Happy Birthday" in Swedish)

Edited to add: Rosemary - Thanks for your comment! :) No I'm sorry, I don't have a digital version of it. :(

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Rosemary said...

this is great! do you have a digital version of this image?