Wednesday, March 09, 2011

LOAD 4...

Part of me challenging myself to do LOAD (Layout A Day) was to find out even more what I like and not like, when it comes to scrapping styles and scrapping supplies. And it's a very interesting journey... :)

This layout made me open my eyes to something. Even though, comparing it to my other LOAD layouts, it looks pretty similar to "my normal style" I was not very happy when I had finished it. Time to analyse! W-h-y...?!

It obviously wasn't the style itself or the type of supplies. That left ---> the colour(s)! And after thinking for a while I realised why! It's because the layout is made using mainly primary (green, blue, red and yellow) colours. And I realised that I'm not really a primary colour person at all! I love what I would call "bright pastels": lime green, aqua, hot pink etc.

I mean, I don't mind blue (primary) mixed with lime green & white. Or red (primary) mixed with turquiose & kraft. Or green (primary) mised with pinks & whites. (As a side note: I actually LOVE any green fullstop!) But: blue, red, yellow and green together as the main colours on ONE layout...? Not so me!

Conclusion: I feel like I have learnt something really useful from this layout. I should stay away from complete collections using primary colours and maybe only buy the odd sheet (preferably not featuring all 4 primary colours on one sheet) if I really like it...

(Apologies for the terrible photo of this layout. Because the photo in the layout is covered by a transparency it looks terrible. No flash but still LOADS of glare and reflection from the transparency making the photo look awful LOL!)

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