Friday, February 25, 2011

Christmas Journal - Day 23...

Firstly I will post another page from my Christmas journal, but...

...Kat, you asked a question about my Project Life album kit. Please keep reading (or see below) and there will be a reply for you :)

Okay, Christmas album first. The 23rd was a very calm day for us. The day before the "big day" in Sweden. Everything was ready and prepared and not a lot needed doing. So we mainly had a cosy day in. I decided to take the time to photograph some of Mum & Dad's Christmas decorations etc which have been part of all my Christmasses. Something that is normally taken forgranted and forgotten in photography so I'm glad I decided to document these. Like the Christmas table cloth which Mum embroidered when I was very little and which is very much part of Christmas.

Okay now ---> Project Life. Kat asked "How/where did you get the Project Life stuff, Anso? Not that I am allowed to buy it this year(might do some of it on my own), thought they don't offer it to the UK? "

True, as far as I'm aware, the Project Life kit is not available IN the UK. However it is available TO the UK. As a UK person you're recommended by Becky Higgins (who invented & designed Project Life and the kits) to order from this site. And yes it's NOT cheap. And yes the shipping is... (I'm trying to think of an appropriate word here!) ---> R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S... I think pretty much sums it up. A fortune! It totally put me off. Off. Off!

Then I tried to look at it from a different angle. Rather than seeing it as kit price + ridiculous shipping, I saw it as a complete total. Was I happy to pay $xxx for the kit?! Well ---> NO! However I did do it last year (I actually ended up buying it from a seller off Ebay as I believe then there was only US shipping options from Becky) and it's an AMAZING thing to have. Such a cool, cool album to look back upon. And I think the one I will treasure the most in the future of all the albums I have done! So that adds a huge "value/worth" for me.

I also knew (from last year) that it was HUGE project to take on and a HUGE commitment to keep up for one year. Anyway, because of just how great an album it is to have for the future (and because I, against all odds, managed to keep up, no matter what, last year) I decided to bite the bullet and order it despite the cost. I figured it would easily be the best scrapping item I'd buy this year... :)

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Kat said...

Thanks for that, Anso. :) Won't have time to really use it this year, and maybe not even next year, but will keep it in mind (maybe a present from family or so ;) ).

Looking forward to your pages!!