Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Journal Plans...

I mentioned quickly the other day that I was making some plans for catching up on my Christmas Journal and I thought I'd post a little about how I go about that in case you're in the same boat and want to join me. :)

First of all I'm lucky that I have a good memory LOL! Second, that I took photos every single day during December. Just looking at these photos make me remember what happened on a certain day in particular.

So what I started on just before the weekend want to go through my remaining days in the album (about 15 or so) and working out how many photos I wanted for each day. With using the Pink Paislee, different sized, page protectors I also had to work out what size I needed. So for example: Day 15 needs 2 "6x4 photos". Day 16 needs 7 "2x3 photos" Day 17 needs 2 "5x5" and 2 "2x5 photos" etc etc.

Once I had this information written down, I went through my photo folder on my computer and picked the photos for each day. These I re-sized (as needed) and then uploaded to Photobox to get printed. I got them in the post yesterday.

I would normally print the photos myself for my Christmas album but since I needed a bigger batch all in one go, it's much cheaper to do it this way.

Having all the photos ready, in the correct size, will make it SO much easier to catch up on this album and finish all the remaining pages. :)

Hope knowing my technique to catching up was useful to you too! :) I hope to sit down a little later this week and start on some of the pages. I'll add them here as I go along of course :)

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