Sunday, January 02, 2011

Can't Wait...

So did you have a great time on New Year's Eve? Hope so!! :) 2011 eh? Feels weird!! :) I'm sure I will write 2010 many times before I get used to it.

[Supplies: Elfin Whimsy - Amy Wolff, Grow With Love Holiday Edition - Sara Gleason, Crystal Livesay, The December BYOC Collection - Heather Hess, Star Swirls Whimsy - Jenna Desai
For The Record - Designs By Lili, What Holidays Mean To Me - PixelWorks, Knit Alpha - Sahlin Studio, I Heart Snowflakes - Valerie Wibbens (all from the Lilypad)]

This is a layout I did before Christmas (yes, yes I totally forgot to post it earlier!). Also using some of the BYOC kits from the Lilypad. I wanted to capture the feeling. The feeling of how much I love Christmas and that I really couldn't wait for it to arrive :)

Back to my Christmas album again tomorrow...

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Kathy said...

This is lovely love all the space and the deep red