Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Journal - Day 7...

Christmas album time again...

Yes I know I'm working several days behind, I normally end up doing that due to the busy time of December, but I'm totally happy with that. I KNOW I will finish it, whether that will be in January or February... that doesn't matter to me at all :) As long as I keep taking photos and making notes on the day in question, it's always easy to create the page later. So keep that in mind if you yourself is also making a Christmas album and working behind.

...another one of these fun 9 pocket pages (and the back of Day 6 of course!) I decided I wanted to get the tree in there. Plus some journaling about when we decorated it etc. That type of info is always fun to compare with other years. And I think I have remembered to add a date of when the tree was put up in all my previous Christmas albums too :)

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