Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Journal - Day 4...

On Monday I mentioned making Christmas cards and how I inserted an extra page into my Christmas album between Day 3 and Day 4. I wanted the actual card in my album but I also wanted to capture some of the moments of making them. So onto Day 4 and assembling time :)

Day 4 uses a rather fun page protector. On the front it has a flap that goes over the page. I decided to use both the front and back of this flap for Day 4. (And then the back side will be the next day). At first I wasn't sure I would like working with these page protectors and the tall/narrow extra flap compartments. But I found myself really enjoying it :)

Here you can see the page opened up. The two larger squares are 5x5 inches and the little flap is only 2 inches wide. It turned out really fun to work with once I planned my photos etc :)

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Liberty :) said...

i got one of these albums coming from santa - so excited to use it, purely for the mish-mash of protectors! great page!