Friday, November 19, 2010


Not sure if "yumminess" is a word?! But if not, it is now that I have got my hands on some Martha Stewart glitters :) Loooove them!

Pretty eh? I looove glitter! Though normally I stick to my VERY much loved Stickles. I really can't get enough of Stickles. :) I use this because it's less messy. But I couldn't resist these pretty glitters. And I have got some glitter trays coming so hopefully that will help (?) with the mess...

I still need to get some good glue. I've heard good things about Art Institute glue. So if you're a huge glitter fan, please share with me:

1. Your fave glue for glitter?
2. Your fave fine glitter?
3. If your fave is not by Martha Stewart (which mine above is)... what are you using and do you know how the MS ones compare to this?

I'd really appreciate if you can take some time and share your glitter experiences :) Thanks!

Right I'm off to admire my glitter & look forward to my birthday & cinema visit tomorrow...

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Sande said...

Congrats on your new glitters. I'm not a fan of anything Martha. I think it's all hype...and she creates very little of it but takes all the glory.

I use Art Institute Glitter and Glue..the price is much cheaper, the range of colors is wider and I've found them at 50% off a few times a year.

Lucky live in or near Manchester. My mother was born there but came to the states when she was 2.