Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cute Cats...

I have to show you this cute cat kit that Kate Hadfield has released this weekend. She's a guest designer at Catscrap this month so, unlike most of her kits, this one can not be found at the Lilypad. The kit is called Here Kitty Kitty (great name!) and looks like this:

Loving cats, and hoping Kate would make a doodle cat kit some time, I totally had to scrap with this kit asap :)

[Supplies: Here Kitty Kitty - Kate Hadfield (from Catscrap), Blues 'N Greens - Kate Hadfield, Deckchair Alpha - Kate Hadfield, Piled Pieces 2 - Amy Martin, Film Clipping Masks - Sahlin Studio, Lined Journal Cards - Sahlin Studio, Vintage Worn & Torn Papers - Sahlin Studio (all from the Lilypad)]

Is the weather as terrible where you are? This must have been the darkest, worst weather week I can think of for a loooong time. Only two days (Thursday and Saturday) have we had what I would consider to be "proper daylight". The other days (inc today) haven't ever gone light. It's been soooo dark, cloudy and misty. Plus lots and lots and LOTS of rain. It just doesn't stop. Hopefully next week will be lots better as I could do with some nice light :)

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