Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help - Copic Sketch Storing Ideas?...

I need some help with good Copic Storage ideas... for the Copic Sketch markers. I'm not particularly keen on the official Copic Storage like the Wire Stand or the Plastic Boxes (Wire Stands would take up too much precious work surface for me and I don't really get on with the plastic ones).

I need something that is good to keep on my desk and doesn't take up too much work surface (as my desk is very small and my scrapping space is already competing with the laptop + printer).

At first I just created a cardboard box which I decorated with pretty papers. This kept being pushed out of shape by the weight of the pens... so eventually I had to give up on that idea...

Then I bought this proper box. Unfortunately I can't remember the brand. It's from a range that also has bags in the same fabric. Brown with white, baby blue and baby pink dots. You can see the look a bit on the right side of the photo above. I'm sure someone will know the name of the company...?

Anyway, this box has been great and I have liked it a lot. Even though I would have preferred something with dividers of some sort so I could keep all blues together, all greens together etc. The only problem I have is now that I have had about 15 markers lying by the side of it for months as they don't fit in it... and of course any new ones in the future would have the same problem. :(

So can someone help with a good Copic Sketch storage that:
* is not the official Copic storage (as it's not really what I need)
* works on a desk but doesn't take up too much workspace
* preferably has a few dividers/compartments so I can split the markers into colour groups

I'd be sooooo grateful for any advice/tips - THANK YOU!


Charlotte said...

What do you think of the sloping shelf units that Jennifer McGuire uses? I'm sure you can get them in the UK, will try to find a link for you x

Charlotte said...

I know that you can get them shipped to the UK as Jane (Brodders) showed hers on her blog, they look so good!

Marja said...

I got the ones that Jennifer has on her blog and they are awesome! They are pretty narrow and aren't deep so they won't take up too much space. I got mine from the US and my MIL brought them over for me. Hopefully you can get them here by now.