Monday, September 20, 2010

Adventures In Scrapbooking...

I mentioned last week that I'm taking a BPS class at the moment which I'm enjoying a lot... It's by May Flaum and it's called "Adventures In Scrapbooking: Use Your Stash". I LOVE this class! And even though you can substitute stuff for most classes, this is specifically one which is "do NOT buy anything, use what you have" kind of class.

Like I said, most classes you can substitute things for anyway, but some might be based on some very special items that are more or less necessary. Like I would love to take Donna Downey's upcoming BPS class. But not only is it a quite pricey class, it also has a HUGE supply list (I think we must be talking hundreds of pounds to buy every single item listed) and a lot of those are special fabric/art-type supplies which are not easily substituted. So no matter how much I'd love to take that class, it's just a huge no no for me. :(

Anyway, back to this class by May Flaum. It's so cool. Dig out old supplies, keep them nearby, and mix with new. Finish things. Use up half sheets of stickers and opened packets of embellishments.

She also goes through some cool info on working out what you buy vs what you USE. I know this is kinda obvious, but if you don't sit down and really THINK about it, you might not pay attention to it. Like I love chipboard, but I really don't use naked chipboard. I'm a fast scrapper and to take time to cover/emboss or paint chipboard while scrapping - well it just doesn't happen for me. So buying naked chipboard (no matter how much I like it) is a bad thing for me as it won't get used. Then take something like flowers or journaling spots/stamps, that's something that I use a LOT, so that's a good purchase for me. :)

Like I said, a really cool class, which I'm enjoying a lot. It's been 2 weeks and I have done 9 layouts for it. Pretty cool, eh? I hope to start on week 3 maybe tomorrow... Got some digital CT work to deal with first...

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