Monday, August 16, 2010

Challenge Photos...

Wow that was weird, not blogging for two days in a row. I wanted to keep the challenge post at the top for anyone who was hunting for it from Shimelle's crop... So making a second post would have confused things. If you *are* still looking for the challenge, you can find it here.

And talking about challenges, this will be a very strange post with lots of random photos. They are all taken in response to Shimelle's cyber crop photo challenges. They are all in a random order, the way they ended up being uploaded, but I will go ahead and label them correctly...

Sunday - Zoom Out Challenge:

Saturday - Up & Above Challenge:

Friday - Through The Glass Challenge:

Saturday - Study Session Challenge:

Sunday - Smile Challenge (a slightly different take on this as my eyes fell on this minibook when I went to pick up the camera!):

Saturday - Reflections Challenge:

Sunday- Portrait or Candid Challenge:

Friday - Night Light Challenge:

Saturday - Nature Challenge:

Friday Manmade Challenge:

Friday - I Saw The Sign Challenge:

Sunday - Get In The Picture Challenge:

Friday - Get Close Challenge:

Friday - Explosive Energy Challenge:

Saturday - Below The Knee Challenge:

Sunday - At Home Challenge:

Saturday - Add A Laugh Challenge:
..and that's all of the photo challenges for Shimelle's crop I believe. Wow that actually took a lot longer time than you would think LOL!

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Marja said...

Is that your kitty? I had no idea you had a pet! So cute in any case :) Hope you are well. xx