Friday, July 09, 2010

Camp Scrap...

I don't think I have mentioned it before but I'm taking a new (well new to me... I *think* it might be the second time it's running?) BPS class at the moment called "Camp Scrap" by May Flaum. It's looking like a really cool class so far :)

Though it's a quite speedy class. Layouts nearly every day. Which I might normally have liked a lot :) But in the summer... well I think you should take the time to enjoy the weather a bit on nice days...

So I have decided to take a different approach to this class than normal. Instead of trying to "keep up and not get behind" (if there's such a thing!) I'm just going to take it slow and enjoy it. Do a layout here and there and let the whole class take whatever time it takes to complete. Trying (yes, I did say *trying*!!) not to stress about it :)

Above is my take on the first layout for the class. The photos are the very first photos of my niece that was born in March this year. So cute :) And can I just say that I l-o-v-e that Thickers alphabet by American Crafts - wish I'd ordered more than one pack now!

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May said...

I love your layout!! I'm glad you're enjoying camp - it's the first of it's kind... but you will likely see sequels (not re-runs though) in the future!! See you in class -