Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Memories...

They're digging up the road and re-tarmacking a road nearby here and it seems to be affecting our internet... or at least I believe that's why. So I'm going to take the chance to get this post written while it seems nice and stable (fingers crossed!)

The page above is done for the BPS class that I'm taking. As before, I went rather different than the prompt. One reason was that we'd been told to gather 4 photos from a season or a trip. That was all the instructions we had. So I did, only it was NOT mentioned that they should all be in the same format (ie all landscape or all portrait) so when we came to scrap my photos didn't really work with the layout design suggested. So I went with 3 photos instead. But I guess that's what scrapping is all about. Adapting and designing to fit what you want to do/have available :)

So I ended up with a page of nice summer memories after all :) If you're wondering what's going on in the photo on the left, we're all (well everyone's not in the photo) playing a Swedish outside game called Kubb. Lots of fun when you're a few playing :)

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