Sunday, June 13, 2010


So anyone watching Big Brother? :) The very last BB seasons ever (unless some other channel takes over). I'm watching. For 10 years it's been a summer tradition to watch BB every evening. I can't give up now, on the 11th and final season can? LOL! And I love it that the live streaming is back too - signed up straight away :)

Oh and I'm looking for a BB iPhone app, anyone seen any around which is running for this season please?

The layout above is the 3rd for the BPS class. Apart from your photo you were supposed to scrap a receipt from your weekly food shop. A fun idea. But I find that our receipts fade SO quickly (maybe US ones keep better?) so I didn't really want to use a real receipt on my page only to have it faded and unreadable maybe already as soon as in a few months. So I went with my own idea a bit on this one. :)

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