Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Lovin'...

Well I guess that was it for the "summer" weather this time. We went from 25-26 degrees & sun at the weekend to 10-11 today. Some rain in the morning today but mainly dark boring clouds. I so wish it would have lasted a little longer. But let's hope it returns soon again instead :)

In the meantime I grabbed these cute summer kits (to try and keep those happy summery feelings going a little longer)...

They are by Lliella Designs (available at Sweet Shoppe Designs) and come in a boy and a girl version:

I ended up doing a layout this morning which I think is very different from my normal style. I didn't really plan for it to be (I NEVER know how something will turn out when I start to scrap and I NEVER have a plan at all LOL!) but it's definitely different for me. Kinda more like a picture/painting look than a "normal" scrapbooking page. It was definitely fun to do something so different.

[Supplies used: Beach Kids (Bundle 1) - Lliella Designs, Beach Girls - Lliella Designs, Beach Boys - Lliella Designs (all from SSD), Simple Singles Template Painted 3 - Gina Miller (from the Lilypad)]

Want to know something I'm really excited about? I got an e-mail at the weekend that my iPad had been dispatched!! So excited!! And something else... it looks like it might (it's scheduled at least - so fingers crossed!!) be delivered already on Thursday even though Friday it's the official release day in the UK. We'll see what happens, either way, I'm super, super excited... :)

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sureL said...

I love summer! :) and I love the summer kits. So cute!