Monday, May 17, 2010

It Feels Great...

You know when you have this project... And for some reason you don't quite finish it... Something comes up and you can't finish it on time... And then it kinda lies there on a shelf and the longer it lies there the more stressful it becomes and the more it troubles you that you have not finished it?

I finished one of those yesterday afternoon!!! Yay!

A while back... In February or March I think it was... I took an on-line tablet class by Jessica Sprague. Something happened the last week of class (which I can't remember at the moment - typical!) which made me not being able to do that last week as the class was running. Over the next week or two I caught up on 6 of the 7 days worth of assignments. But one was left. The BIG layout assignment of the week. I never had the time to sit down and watch through lots of video segments while following and making my own layout. So it's bugged me ever since. I just wanted to get that ONE "little" thing done so I had completed the class.

And above is the evidence that I have now officially finished the class. And it's such a *GREAT* feeling too :) Not only the finishing-feeling but also I'm really pleased that I sat down and took the time to do this as I learnt some pretty cool techniques too :)

Sometime it's sooo worth doing those things that it's easy to put off or give up on completely...!

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