Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Great Weekend...

...last weekend, that is, and I'll come to that in a minute. This weekend? Won't be so great as all our plans have been cancelled :( Mum & Dad were due to fly over and we were to spend the weekend in the Lake District with them. It's been planned and booked for weeks and weeks, but last night had to be cancelled due to a certain volcano eruption. So I feel a little sad about that as I was really looking forward to seeing my parents. The only positive thing is that it's looking like it might be rescheduled for a few weeks later... but it's still being worked on, re-booked etc.

So let's talk last weekend. I took part in Shimelle's cyber crop. Seriously took part, really, as I completed every single thing and loved every minute of it :) It was great and brought back a little of that magic cyber crop feeling which I have not felt for years now. Yay!

And I found out yesterday that I was lucky enough to win a prize too, for this layout:

That's far from the best one (I was getting really tired from the scrapping marathon at this stage!) I made this weekend, in my opinion, but I think it might be totally irrelevant anyway as I have a feeling the prize giving was random between the entries. Anyway, I won a prize of a free pass to one of Shimelle's future classes and as I always enjoy them a lot, I'm really very happy for my prize :)

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