Friday, April 30, 2010

Crab Time...

I found myself giggling to myself when I made this layout...

Why? Well it was made for a challenge at Shimelle's cyber crop and there I was having an early alarm set on a Saturday morning... I sat scrapping in my pyjamas at 8 in the morning and what was I scrapping? A crab of all things! It just seemed VERY funny at the time!

Like at least if I was up at that time scrapping on a Saturday then it somehow should be something important and urgent to scrap (that is, whether scrapping actually ever can be urgent? Unless you have a deadline of a gift or DT/CT work of course).

Maybe that was my way of staying awake. Giggling at the rather usual thing I chose to scrap at that time in the morning. All I know is that I think now I will always have a little giggle at this when I see this layout in my albums.

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