Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Next Page...

Because of my surgery (x2!) last week, I'm now rather behind on Shimelle's "Something From Almost Nothing" class. Not something that I had planned really (surgery was due in May but I got a cancellation appointment), but hey! At least I have pratice from being behind on her classes (thinking of the Christmas one, which I got done even if it was way after the last prompt arrived). LOL!

For this prompt, well... I actually didn't follow it at all to be honest. It was about page protectors. Either using a divided one (which I LOVE but I don't have any 6x12 at home and no craftshop nearby), so this was out. Or using your sewing machine to create one. But since my sewing machine is more than unreliable (if you can recommend a good, decent priced one - please do, I'd be so grateful) this was not even an option either. So I just went with my own thing, used a few bits from previous prompts and came up with my own topic of scrapping my most favourite day of the year ---> Christmas Eve :)

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