Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Soooooo excited...!!!

I love reading! Always have done. And I love getting new books. But this causes a problem sooner or later... Storage of these books! As I said, I love books and therefore I can't really part with books. For a few years now I have joked at Christmas/Birthdays that "I wish for THAT and THAT book, plus a bookshelf to keep it in AND a place to put said bookshelf". LOL! See the problem?

You say: libraries? I say: I love libraries! Only ours is TINY and unfortunately charges a fee per book from any other library, even within the same council. So you pay for "nothing" (ie. nothing to keep as such). At least if you buy cheap paperbacks you have them to keep...

So then we're back to the "I love reading but you can't just keep buying books forever" problem. Which means I need books that take up no space. Which means... e-books.

I love books, you know, actually having the book... so I'm a bit unsure on how I will actually feel about e-books... it's just a file. Not a nice crisp book to love. But I figured I kinda need to try this route (and I can always still buy some "real books"... like special favourites). So after some research I ordered this last night...

The Amazon Kindle 2. I'm soooo excited! I also love the reviews about it where it mentioned that people with dry eyes etc find this great to read on as it's not drying like a normal computer screen etc. So considering my severe eye condition and all the treatment/medication etc that I'm going through at the moment, I figured this might be very good for me. It's supposed to have the page look of a real book :)

I also did some research on other options like the Sony version etc (the Sony Touch Reader) but since that suffers from glare, it was quite obvious after a while that the Kindle was the one to go for.

Even though you search via the UK Amazon site, it sends you to the US site, where you go through and pay for the UK VAT (tax) etc - very clever. I only ordered it just before ten last night and it's already (!!) shipped, I have UPS tracking to follow. I just paid for the standard postage (the only option) but it seems really good as it's sent on "UPS Express" service according to Amazon. No idea how long it takes but it's already moving within the US and I actually think it won't be many days at all. I'm seriously excited about this!! :))))

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Marja said...

Kirk got one from his Mom for Christmas but she brought it with her as she lives in the US. It's his new toy, he takes it on all business trips and hasn't bought a single real book since Christmas which for him is unusual as he easily reads a book a week if not more. The only downside so far seems to be that the download selection isn't as good in the UK as it is in the US but I am sure in time it will improve!