Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Third Journal...

We've now been through the third and final week for Karla Dudley's journal class and I have finished my third and last journal for the class. I thought I would show you some work-in-progress photos so you can see how the journal is built up and then some photos of the finished item.

The third week/third journal was definitely the most advanced one. Using the most cool techniques too. I was really hoping that Karla would show us how to do one of her "sewn journals" so I was really pleased to discover that this was the journal for the final week :)

She supplied us with a cover to print off and some digital stamps that we could use to create some pages for the inside of the journal (which I did - I decided to pick the same orange colour that was used on the cover).

The closure of this book is really cool. Some embroidery thread which is weaved in and out of the covers and then tied in a bow. The cover itself is white with black, grey and orange printing on it.

The book itself is made up of three signatures with their own individual "covers" (you can see the 1,2 and 3 covers in the first and second photo). Each signature contains 5 double-folded pieces of cardstock.

Then each signature is attached to the book cover by sewing through some holes in the spine (loved this part!) I used the same black embroidery floss as I used for the closure.

The finished journal has loads of pages, a sturdy cover and is 10x10 cm. Super cute I think :)

In the photo above you can see how the thread that holds the journal shut loops in and out through the cover. Oh and I used some old Chatterbox paper to line the inside of the cover.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of my latest journal :)


Karla Dudley said...


Thanks SO much for joining me in my first workshop! Hope to see you next time!!!


DragonsLady said...

The journal is cute. I'd create one but, at the moment there's so much that needs to be done. I've got Christmas to get ready for and I'm making some things for a few of my co-workers as well as making a batch of cards. Seems there's not enough hours in the day. I kind of wish I was retired - 4 years 9 months and 28 days to go. Francine - aka DragonsLady on Shimelle's class.

MarleneMAZ said...

Love the journal, did I miss pictures of the others ?

Maria Ontiveros said...


Anonymous said...

Your journal is gorgeous! It is a great mix of digi and traditional.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous!

Carrie/scrapchick said...

Really cute! I learned how to do signatures from one of Shimelle's classes - so fun and love the look!

helena said...

looks wonderful, i must try sewing signatures instead of always using jumprings

Nadine said...

I like the printed labels (:
and I need to learn how to
do that stitch :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful handmade journal! I am so into handmade books right now!