Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Replies To Questions & Comments...

I've had a lot of comments left over the last few days - thanks so much for those, I read them all and they make me very happy :) Lots of comments also = lots of questions. So I'm going to go through them all and try and reply the best I can. I *hope* I have not missed any of your questions, if so, I'm very sorry. Anyway...

[Supplies: Six Pack - Darcy Baldwin, Falltastic - Lliella Designs, Little Tricksters - Lliella Designs
(all from SSD)]

...just sharing a Halloween card I did for Sweet Shoppe Designs last week before I start with the questions :)

Right onto the comments. Thanks for all the comments on my first class journal, I was rather overwhelmed with the amount of comments left on this post and it made me very happy :) Rinda - you wanted to know if the album was all digital? Well yes I guess so, to a point. Obviously the last stages it was printed, bound, the closure made etc. But as far as the page design, yes that was all digital. Karla supplied the cover for printing and then we used digital stamps in the class material to "stamp" the inside pages ourselves (however we wanted to make them). Hope that answers your question :)

Then some Copic questions from Jessica:
* Will I be using my Copic markers for my next journal? Well, my next journal (for week 2 of the class) is actually already finished. I just need to find some time to take photos of it and adding it to the blog. So there's one album left to do for week 3 (it's a three week class). I don't know what this will be like yet as the lesson won't be accessible until later today, but I doubt I will use my Copic on it as Karla supplies us with a lot of digital elements and I really like to use these when they are supplied. However I'm only making and assembling the albums now. When it comes to filling the albums at a later date with photos and writing...who knows, maybe I will use them then :)

* And Jessica also asked me about how many Copic markers I have now? Eh... *goes off to count* ...*back*. I think I have 63 markers at the moment. Which I guess it's pretty good for how short time I have had them. Still, you ALWAYS crave more shades, don't you? It's bad! LOL! There are SO many on my "wish list", it feels like I will never have all the ones I want. :) But I guess the good news is that it's my birthday on the 20th and I *think* my parents will give me some money specifically towards buying some more Copics...so we'll see what happens with that. *fingers crossed*

Right, my to-do list for today (for this month actually!) is massive so I better stop here for today. I have also had some questions regarding my Christmas journal for this year, plans etc, so I will come back and reply to those next time :) Just watch this space if you have asked a question regarding the Christmas journal. :)


Sharyn said...

LOVE this card - great design! See you in class!

ScrappingMomof3 said...

cute card! I rarely do cards anymore . . . no one I sent them to ever really appreciated the handmade aspect. :-( Waving hi from Shimelle's class . . . ~april

Claireliz said...

Lovely card. Just popped over from Shimelle's to say hi.

Jessica said...

Holy cow girl!!!63! And I've been collecting for several months and still have less than 40! lol you go girl! Thanks for answering my questions. Isn't it interesting how much comments on your blog mean to you... me too. Take care I hope your eyes are doing well.