Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This Is What I Needed...

After writing yesterday's post it became even more clear to me that my problem isn't so much with learning how to make playlists (as I believe this is very straight forward) but rather the songs... or more importantly PICKING/remembering songs. In the past I have scribbled down a song title on a piece of paper every now and then only to lose it before I sat down to get the song. So yesterday it came to me. I need somewhere special to write down songs as and when I think of them. A place JUST for that.

I hunted down a spare notebook that I had laying around. But that just looked far too boring and plain. So I set out to make it a bit cuter and at the same time work on one of my Creative Team projects for SSD this month.

Result? The perfect little place to keep track of songs when I hear them. So when I want to create a new playlist I just refer to the newly added songs in my journal :)

[Supplies: The Girls Of Summer - Dani Mogstad, Eva Kipler, My Playlist Mini - Libby Weifenbach (both from SSD)]