Monday, October 19, 2009

So excited...

This is silly really! I'm SO excited about getting my new Copic markers that I'm even dreaming about it at night LOL! I seriously feel like a child at Christmas and they are not even here yet. And do you know what's worse? With me only ordering them on Saturday I have of course not received them yet and... (shhh!) I kinda slipped and ordered some more yesterday! Oh dear! Told you I was well and truly hooked...

The good news is that I have had confirmation that the markers should be posted today so you can guess who's eagerly awaiting tomorrow and hoping I'm in luck with the post :)

Jessica & Jen - thanks for your comments left regarding the Copics. I'd love to hear a bit more from you (I'm trying to learn as much as I can - FAST!), or indeed any other Copic fan reading this. These are some of my questions:

* Where do you buy your pens?
* What colours have you found that YOU use the most?
* How long have you used Copics and how many markers do you have?
* What cardstock do YOU find the best to use Copics with?
* What are your fave sites/videos for tips and tricks?
* Anything else that I should know? (Mistakes to avoid etc)

Please leave a comment if you have time - I really appreciate it!

Leaving you with a Halloween card made for the Lilypad Creative Team as I'm off to watch some more Copic colouring tips on Youtube :)

[Supplies: Autumn Radiance - Amy Wolff, Frank 'N Friends - Kate Hadfield , Tricky Treats - Kate Hadfield, Where Bluebirds Fly - Kaye Winiecki (all from the Lilypad), Little Tricksters - Lliella Designs (from SSD)]


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! Now there are some questions! lol I don't know if I can remember them all but here goes. My first and best advice would be to go to
Marianne Walker is very talented with these markers. She has some old posts tha will help you get started. She has ideas about what stamp pads to use (some will run when colored over) I think the best way to keep what ever ink you use is to emboss your stamped image with clear powder. You can also heat set them. But the embossing is best. It's frusrating when you stmp a beautiful image and the first marker blurs the image!
So I think watching her videos and reading the lessons will be the first best idea. As to which ones I use the most, I think that would be the skin tones. But it really depends on what kind of images you use the most. I just opened my container and these are the ones I use the most (from the most down)
#E00-E02-R11 for skin then E33- E35 for darker tones, and I use these for all kinds of things. I find that the lighter colors are the best for shading my faves are
G000 and B00 then the other darker colors to layer the color. And I think we should all have a couple of gray markers to shade too. I have C1 and W3. One is cool and the other is warm. I have 31 colors, all but three are ciao. The other three are sketch that I got in a group.
I think if you google 'Copic Markers' you'll get all kinds of info. There are also some comic book artists who use them and their sites have all kinds of info on them. I'll try to go dig out all the info I have saved to my computer to send it to you.
But the best info (in my opinion) is from the ilikemarkers blog.She is an amazing teacher. I'm sure I missed something, but I'm sure you'll find everything you need on her blog. Hope this all helps. Jess

Jessica said...

I just remembered, as to cardstock, it's hard to figure out. I have used all kinds. But my boyfriend is a printer so I get most of my white cardstock from him. I find that they are best on non-shiny card stock. But as to brand, I have no idea. I've also tried water color paper and at least the ink doesn't run on the paper, as it soaks in. And I have gotten all my markers from That's the least expensive that I know of. (in the states).
Ok I think that's all for now! lol

Jessica said...

It's me again...How are your eyes? I completely forgot to ask! Sorry. But I hope you are doing well.