Friday, September 18, 2009

Trying To Solve A Problem...

Sitting here trying to solve a problem... I have printed out some photos I need for the title page to my album, but I picked the wrong photo template file and consequently I have printed my photos too small. So much for paying attention. Grrrr!

Since I'm running seriously low on my ink (really thought it would have run out already!) and I need to get a few more things printed I just have to come up with a solution to my little problem. At the moment I'm thinking about going with a bit more margin around the general design (which is a grid and everything need to have the correct size). I should learn not to do things like this when I'm tired LOL!

[Supplies: Inspired By Sara - Bree Clarkson, Cherry Sweet - Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Beeping In Style - Lliella Designs, Cutting Templates - Edges - Misty Cato (all from SSD)]

The page above has nothing to do with my stupid printing problem but is a page that I did for Sweet Shoppe Designs. Not as part of my Creative Team work but just because I really liked the kits and I wanted to work with them. :)

Off to solve my photo problem...

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Kerry said...

In that situation I would probably alter my layout to accommodate smaller piccies otherwise they would go to waste.

Good luck solving the problem.