Saturday, September 12, 2009

This Is What I'm Working On...

If you're taking the same class, you might have worked out what my little "peek" picture was yesterday... otherwise this might give you a better clue...

It's Cathy Zielske's latest BPS class - "Me: The Abridged Version". What you see in the picture is just the little pre-class jotter for writing down ideas. When I signed up for this class I didn't think it would be anything other than an normal class. But since I have been working on the journaling for this, I have come to realise that this will probably be the coolest album I have ever, ever done when it's finished :)

I don't know about you, but I tend not to manage to fit in too many "normal" things (details and info) in my albums. If I scrap about Christmas, yes I will write about the traditions of that day, what we did etc. And if I scrap a "moment" photo, I will scrap details about "when", "where" and "what happened". But very rarely do I actually sit down and document, in words, little every day details. This will be like an encyclopedia of me... things I like, things that annoy me, people most important to me, food that I love and hate, things that I collect, places where I have lived and for how long, hobbies & interests, music and my fave artists during the years, things that are part of my everyday life right now. Imagine just how cool this will be to read in a few years time?

It's only when I'm sitting down and documenting all these thing that it's really dawned on me: wow, what a cool, cool album this will be. I really can't wait to finish it (which will take another few weeks still) and I will be eternally grateful to Cathy Zielske for coming up with this idea and for getting me to sit down and get all these important details, the things that make "me" me, on paper :)

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Liberty :) said...

I hope she runs this again, I really wanted to do it but couldn't start until Wednesday so decided not to as I didn't want to be behind :(

That's such a cute jotter!! :)