Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Right Now...

Feeling a bit better today so I'm back working on my album for the BPS class. I just snapped this photo of my desk a minute ago:

The album is needing a lot of preparation. Paper picking, photo picking, journaling, lots and lots and lots of printing and cutting. Cutting patterned paper and letter squares to size. Then an awful lot of inking of paper edges. But once all these steps are done it will be a bit like a factory line for putting it all together - so it should come together pretty fast then :)

Today I'm doing a combination of cutting papers, inking edges (and that's a lot of paper to cut and edges to ink for the 26 pages we're working on right now!! LOL!) and I'm trying to find photos to go with each section of journaling. In total I need to find 52 (!) photos which we'll print at 3x3 using this cool photo grid that Cathy has put together for us (to print 6 photos to an A4 sheet).

Anyway, it's back to cutting and inking for me...

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