Friday, July 17, 2009

Start-To-Finish Project...

It is such a dark and rainy day here today. Totally miserable weather really, so I'm trying to keep a smile on my face still. Seriously it's just gone past 10 in the morning and it's so dark from the sky and the rain that you'd have to turn the light on if you were to read a book. In JULY! LOL! Madness...

Anyway, let's keep that smile and talk about some fun things. The next lesson for the photo editing class that I'm taking. It's called the "Start-To-Finish project" lesson. And it really was a start-to-finish thing in the way that we incorporated lots of the techniques, into one project, that we'd already learnt during the class. Very much fun :)

For the lesson, I picked this photo. It's just a totally unedited, straight-out-of-the-camera type photo:

And we then did lots of cool things to it. Going through the things that we'd learnt. Using clipping masks, textures, edge burn...playing with fonts etc. And this is the result:

I love, love, love how my photo (not thinking about the title/text) has turned from a definite photograph look into looking more like a painting! Seriously cool! I'd love to make an effort to practice these steps a bit if I can, because it's the typical thing (so many new steps to learn to get the finished result) that you really won't remember if you don't do it a few more times.

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