Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday card...

No it's not my birthday today LOL! Nor anyone else's either for that matter...or at least no-one that I know. But I love making cards and having a few "in stock" as such ...that way you never have a last minute panic. Not that I'm really a last-minute-panic-type-of-person (I'm normally very organised and on time ...sometimes even a bit too much so LOL!) But it's till good to have a few cards spare.

[Supplies: Fruitay - Melissa Bennett, Party Pop - Melissa Bennett (both from SSD)]

I recently spotted a very cute birthday related kit by Melissa Bennett at Sweet Shoppe Designs and decided to go with that for one of my Creative Team assignments. There were some cute cakes and cupcakes in the kit but to make it slightly different I decided to go with a big yummy ice-cream on the card instead :)


Lissa said...

That card is super cute! How did you make it?

Mole said...

Yum - good ebough to eat. I too like to have a store of cards 'just in case', too!