Friday, May 22, 2009

A Little Peek...

First of all: Kimberley - thanks so much for the comment you just left about how to get your Twitter updates onto your Blogger blog. I will investigate the link you shared with me. Thank you :)

Today I'm super mega busy. My "to do" list is like two big pages long. Considering it's not even two o'clock in the afternoon I'm pretty pleased that I have got over half done already. But there are some pretty big jobs left to do so I doubt I'll get it all done today. Still, I can give it a good go :)

This is a little peek into something I'm working on today. I'll be back tomorrow to tell you more about it (and hopefully have a updated photo) and the great class that I have signed up for at the moment :)


Kimberley said...
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Kimberley said...

No problem... If you still wanted to add three columns to your blog, go to templates and insert the html from this site:

Mine is working perfectly now. Remember to save the original template you are using currently, incase you don't like the layout, or it doesn't format properly. Also note, you will need to add in all of your "widgets" etc again!!