Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Owls On My Brain...

...or so I think LOL! I to the shop again and...well...I mean, who can resist owls? :) Isn't this pattern just the cutest? :)

I really, really wanted a bag which they call the "Bowling Bag"...but they didn't have it. But I know Ross is on the case and he was going to see if he could find another branch that might have it. Anyway these are the bits I got:

A cute pen and pencil set which I know I will use daily :)

And this bag which was labelled as a "wash bag/toiletries bag" but I don't really think it's big enough. You could use it for toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc but as soon as you'd want to take something like bottles (shower gel, shampoo and so on...) you'd be really pushing it. So I didn't buy it as a toiletries bag but instead I will use it as a make-up travel bag :)

A binder. I always find myself needing binders when I have none spare so this will be ready for next time. Perfect!

Just a little handy folder. Ideal for travel documents (which will indeed be what I will use it for).

And finally something totally different and non-owl related. A roll of super cute cupcake wrapping paper. (And yes I only bought one roll...but to show the pattern a bit better I put two pictures together). I'm thinking I will use this to cover something with (book, binder or something) rather than using it for presents...we'll see. Or maybe a bit of both.

Now I'm off to make a little "to do" list for today (using my new owl pen!) and then I'm going to tidy my desk & my noticeboard (and add my new owl magnets from Monday)...while multitasking and backing up my hard drive at the same time. If you haven't done a back-up for a while, PLEASE join me and do a backup never know if tomorrow is going to be too late...

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