Friday, March 06, 2009

The Lilypad BYOC... released today. BYOC stands for "Build Your Own Collab" and it's an occasion that happens once a month at the Lilypad. The first Firday of the month. All the designers come together, plus one guest designer, pick a colour combination and create the most amazing co-ordinating kits. You can see the latest collab here.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was busy working with some of these kits yesterday afternoon. I was going to do some hybrid work but my printer is out of ink. I ordered it early and even though it showed as "in stock", I got a mail from the company telling me they had no stock and new stock would take at least 10 days to reach them. Why advertise as "in stock" then? Same for both items. And last time I ordered (3 lots of photo paper) they all showed as "in stock"...then I got an e-mail saying all my order was out of stock. Grrr! Next time I will pick another company. Anyone know of a good (=good price!) supplier of GENUINE Canon ink please? Leave me a comment please :)

So anyway, no hybrid for me this time, instead I went digi and came up with these two layouts...

[Supplies: Paper Trails: Flowers 1 - Anne deJong, The Love Of Space 3 Mini - Amy Martin (released 10th March '09), Pretty Poises - Amy Wolff, Spring Doodles - Jenna Desai
Swirly Goodness - Jenna Desai, Stitch 'Em Up - Jacque Larsen, Sunburst Alpha - Kate Hadfield, All Mixed Up - Kaye Winiecki (all from The Lilypad)]

[Supplies: Paper Trails: Flowers 1 - Anne deJong, Soft N Subtle 2 - Anne deJong, Pretty Poises - Amy Wolff, Pretty Posy Alpha - Amy Wolff, Spring Borders - Jenna Desai, Spring Doodles - Jenna Desai, Swirly Goodness - Jenna Desai, All Mixed Up - Kaye Winiecki (all from The Lilypad)]


pinky said...

These are lovely, very interesting, always something else to catch the eye. Just getting into digi scrapbooking and really enjoy it.

Liberty :) said...

Hi Anso,
They are lovely layouts.

I use for my genuine canon ink. Relatively cheap (~£15 colour) and good service. They were out of stock when I ordered my last lot but sent them as soon as they were in stock and didn't have to remind them or anything.

I have bought a peekaboo chipboard album from tinkering ink today, inspired by all your quirky albums that you use! I usually just use 12 x12 but I love your xmas journal so decided to branch out.

I am now terrified of it as I have no idea where to start!!

Hope you get some ink,

Liberty Cottage :)

sophiesmama said...

Love the layouts and your blog!Digital scrapbooking is a lot of fun and lets you try things in your layout without wasting a lot of paper. I think digi is much faster too. Great job!

Tawnya said...

I really like your style. I love how you leave so much negative space. It really makes it beautiful!