Monday, March 16, 2009

The Last Few Pages...

Thanks for the sweet comments you have left about still enjoying seeing the pages from my Christmas journal :) Guess what, we have come to the very last few pages now. As I said from the start, I was kinda following Shimelle's Christmas class and kinda not. Kinda Ali Edwards' concept and kinda not. Somewhere in the middle - my own way. The previous years I have followed Shimelle's format and continued to the 6th of January. However I don't really see the need for these last few pages for me. Also I did not want to do what Ali Edwards did and finish on Christmas Day. So I did something in between which suited me better.

I wanted some New Year's Eve photos in my journal so I decided to go from the 1st to the 31st of December. Also you kinda get the "satisfaction" of a "finished chapter/project" then, as it's a complete month, every day from the beginning of the month until the end of the year. :) I really liked this concept once I had spent a lot of time thinking about which day to finish my journal on (it was not an easy decision LOL!) and now I feel like I really picked the right day for me and can see myself sticking to this next year too.

Anyway, onto the last few pages...

The blue page with the blue circles (bottom left) is the back side of this page. As I said yesterday, I like to end my journal with some "year in review" pictures, so this is just a continuation of what was on the previous page.

The 31st features a little journaling and a photo of the set table (see the photo ABOVE this one) and the back side is a simply a photo of some pretty fireworks.

Just the covers for me to take photos of and blog about now - but that will have to be another day. :) I have really enjoyed making this journal and I really love working with different sized pages. "Anything goes" just make projects much more fun to make (and interactive to look at in the end).

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lisa said...

I agree with you about the complete month. I did this too although I finished on 1st Jan as we had such a nice day. I also included a review of the year. It seems to round things off doesn't it.