Monday, February 09, 2009


(...well sometimes it's hard to come up with a title!)

Marja you asked about what we got from IKEA... Nothing fun in terms of stash storage I'm afraid LOL! We bought a new TV last week and needed a new TV bench (the old one was kinda part of/connected to the old TV so it was not something we could re-use). We've been meaning to buy a new TV now for nearly a year but been stuck because of the TV bench. No shop had what we needed. (We needed quite a few slots as we wanted to get rid of the stereo bench and put that there too, plus the Sky box, the DVD recorder and various game get the picture).

Anyway we finally found one in IKEA and spent the afternoon building that and connecting everything back up. It also involved moving other furniture (emptying bookshelves, moving them and then putting everything back etc) so it was a whole day's job...and it's not even quite finished yet.

(Layout done for Cathy Zielske's BPS class)

Today I'm doing some sorting and organising in my craft room. I'm also considering getting rid of a drawer unit that doesn't really work so well for me so I might do some investigation on-line and see if I can find something that would be more useful in it's place.

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