Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And The Work Starts...

I've started working on my "Here, There and Everywhere" album. And I did indeed decide to go for the pink/red album in the end...

The first thing to work on was the three dividers for the album. I knew I wanted little tabs on them, but that was about it. So I followed my usual scrapping style which kinda goes like this: add one thing, decide what to add next, add that, decide what to add next....etc. I have NO plan on how something will turn out in the end or indeed what the next thing will be that I add until I get to that stage. Crazy? Maybe LOL! But that's how I work :)

First divider is "here". The class is divided into three categories. The first one is "here" and it's all about where we live now, our neighbourhood etc. A really cool few pages to have once you might live somewhere else in the future.

The second section and divider is "there". Very simple: all about the places you have been, the places you have travelled to.

I decided to keep all the dividers very similar (only different backgrounds) .

And finally the "everywhere" divider. Places you dream of going to. Your dreams and hopes of places to visit whether they are realistic or not :)

Will show you my pages as we go along and make them too :)

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get these books from / who makes them?! They are wonderful! I would really appreciate it if you could let me know please.